Club News:
•  CIYC 79th Annual Distance Race:
Congratulations to all competitors – A good, tight race this year, with the wind gods getting everyone home in time for dinner.
Complete results on Yachtscoring.
•  CIYC JAM Race Series:
Another season of Fun in the Sun Sunday JAM Racing! This 5 race series takes place through the summer, and is open to all boats and levels of skill. Jib and Main only... No chutes, whompers, wheezers, whiskers or poles of any sort.
4 PM start, exceedingly amiable Race Committee, simple triangular courses... and complimentary drinks, chips and chat back on the CIYC dock approximately one hour later. Easy-breezy, laid-back and low-key, this series is perfect for friends, family, those looking for a relaxed intro to racing – Everyone!
Join in for any or all.
Results and race docs available on our Regatta Page.
JAM Race 2 - Sunday, July 12th at 4 PM
•  CIYC Club Boat Program:
All of the benefits, none of the grief! Building on last year's success and a healthy demand, the CIYC Club Boat Program continues boat acquisitions chosen to satisfy both day-sailing and racing passions. Whether you're new to the sport, between boats, or interested in meeting new sailing companions, this program makes it a breeze to enjoy the great pleasures of sailing and Yacht Club membership.
See our Club Boat page for details, and see you on the water!
•  2015 Race Results:
STC Block Island Race Week:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 1st Place, PHRF Division 2

Riverside YC Stratford Shoal Race:
Thin Man – Todd Aven/Alex Nadolishny: 1st Place, PHRF Doublehanded Division

City Island YC Distance Race:
PHRF Spin 1:
Prevail – Pritz/Vitaglione/Swack & Crew: 1st Place
Breakaway – Richie Palmer & Crew: 2nd Place
Magic – Kenneth Laudon & Crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Spin 2:
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 1st Place
Eagle – Ernie Bivona & Crew: 2nd Place

EBYRA City Island Cup:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 1st Place, Division 1 PHRF – Spinnaker
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 3rd Place, Division 1 PHRF – Spinnaker
Eagle – Ernie Bivona & Crew: 2nd Place, Division 3 PHRF – Non-spinnaker

Winner of the City Island Cup for 2015 – Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew
Winner of the EBYRA Yacht Club Team Challenge – City Island YC

Cedar Point One Design Regatta:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 2nd Place, Beneteau First 36.7 Division

Port Washington YC Day Race:
Eagle – Ernie Bivona & Crew: 1st Place, PHRF 2

Larchmont YC Edlu Distance Race:
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 2nd Place PHRF Double-handed Division

American YC Spring Series Regatta:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 2nd Place PHRF Division 1

NYAC Stratford Shoal Race:
Chieftain &150; Robert Chuda & Crew: 3rd Place, PHRF Non-spinnaker
•  2014 Race Results:
Now on our Regatta Page.

 7/12: JAM Series - Race 2
 7/18 - 19: Cape Dory Rally
 7/26: JAM Series - Race 3
 8/8: CIYC 35th Annual Women Skippers Race and Party
 8/9: CIYC 62nd Annual Day Race

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