Club News:
•  2015 EBYRA Awards Ceremony – Saturday, December 5th, 2 PM at CIYC:
Captains and crew, gather for this annual pinnacle of post-race debriefs! The Wednesday Night Series, the City Island Cup... some great, competitive racing this year, and here's the opportunity to relive it all with the sailors who made it so. Trophies, awards, anecdotes and laughs. Skippers, please respond for yourselves and crew as a group, and please include your boat name and number in your group in your response. Full details here
RSVP by Monday, November 30th.
Note: Parking in CIYC lots is extremely limited. Carpooling and parking on City Island Avenue is strongly encouraged.
•  Yacht and Ship Building on City Island – Sunday, December 6th, 4 PM at City Island Nautical Museum:
Tom Nye takes us on the storied historical journey of boat building on City Island, at a reception celebrating a new exhibition: "Yacht and Ship Building on City Island – An Exhibition of the Historic Yachting Center of New York". The exhibition, curated by Barbara Harrison, features photos and commentary on the extraordinary period in City Island's history... Read On
Refreshments will be served.
•  88th Annual Sayers Series Race Recap:
Another gorgeous sailing day graced an enthusiastic fleet for the 88th running of the Club's Sayers Series Regatta on September 19th. Cruisers, racers, family and friends came out in numbers, on boats from agile J/24's to comfy cruisers twice that length. The 'staggered pursuit start' didn't quite work out for Race 1, due to barely tangible zephyrs. With little to move them, boats piled up at the line and created a 'wind repellent wall', which had the start looking more like an airport security check line, and just as slow. At the least, the boat antics and gyrations employed to cross that line were worthy of a comedy blooper reel.

Thankfully, halfway up the first leg the wind gods said "breeze on", and it was Game On! All boats found their pace, and 'round the backstretch into the finish it was all heeling and squealing as knotmeters started singing. The afternoon's Race 2 saw high teens and up, with whitecaps, rollers, and some of those inexplicable mini-rogues, putting all boats in the express lane around Hart Island, followed by hull speed racing on the straights to the finish. All in all, an outstanding sailing day!

Many Thanks... To all competitors! To Rich, Judy, Merima, Ellen, and Eben for excellent race management – To Hank and Melanie for graciously providing the beautiful 'NestEgg' as the commanding committee boat – To Ed Woolsey for the wonderfully 'spirited' bonus awards – To our stewards Kaia Catering for the super breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Complete results available on our Regatta Page. See you next year!.
•  First Annual L.I. Sound Governor's Cup Charity Regatta Recap:
The City Island, Huguenot and Manhasset Bay Yacht Clubs wish to thank all competitors and attendees for making this inaugural Governor's Cup Charity Regatta a great success! Over 30 boats competed for numerous trophies and awards, bestowed during the post party. On a course that didn't disappoint, races were solidly competitive... with music, food and grog through the evening enjoyed by all.
Our thanks to everyone – from those behind the scenes who made this happen, to those who donated sails for Sails for Sustenance, to the great crowd who were the happening!
Complete results on Yachtscoring.
•  CIYC JAM Race Series ends on a high note:
Been a great season of Fun in the Sun Sunday JAM Racing! Under beautiful skies, yesterday's 8/30 final saw perfect, steady wind all race long. The thrill-meter needle was pinned throughout the fleet, with a 3-boat dogfight for 1st place forming from the get-go, stopping only at the finish... and just a bit back our two Club Boat Catalina 25's finished within 1 second of each other – that's some tight jamming! We thank all of you who made it out and made it great this year. Whatever the reason you joined in – whether to buzz around the course with friends, family, gain a start or more experience in the racing game... We hope you had a blast!
2015 Results available on our Regatta Page.
•  CIYC 35th Annual Women Skippers Race & Party Recap:
Throughout packed divisions of Spin, Non-spin and a hot J/24 one-design div, all Women Skippers brought their 'A' game to absolutely beautiful, albeit light and tricky, conditions. While competition and focus were in evidence on every boat, so were the laughs and fun – which bubbled over unrestrained at the post race party: The beer courtesy 'Ricca Auto Body', the wine by 'North River', the tasty buffet by Kaia Catering greased the rails...and then 'The Rockaholics' started their diesel locomotion down the tracks with all aboard the dance floor through the night. Good times!
Congratulations to all Women Skippers! Complete results available on Yachtscoring.
•  CIYC 62nd Annual Day Race Recap:
One day prior, even the morning of, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't predict the wind would go from slim to none. Well, no! On this gorgeous sailing day, the winds grew to steadily power all divisions through one of the best CIYC Day races in years. Competition was hot and leads back and forthed as the fleet flew around the 13 mile course. The unanimous decision back at the Club was... The day, the race and the competition was perfect!
Congratulations to all competitors! Complete results available on Yachtscoring.
•  CIYC Club Boat Program:
All of the benefits, none of the grief! Building on last year's success and a healthy demand, the CIYC Club Boat Program continues boat acquisitions chosen to satisfy both day-sailing and racing passions. Whether you're new to the sport, between boats, or interested in meeting new sailing companions, this program makes it a breeze to enjoy the great pleasures of sailing and Yacht Club membership.
See our Club Boat page for details, and see you on the water!
•  2015 Race Results:
Manhasset Bay YC Fall Series:
Chieftain – Robert Chuda and crew: 1st Place, PHRF Non-Spinnaker Division

Indian Harbor YC 60th Anniversary Gearbuster:
Thin Man – Todd Aven & crew: 1st Place PHRF Doublehanded Division

American YC Fall Regatta
Whirlwind – William Purdy and crew: 1st Place, Beneteau First 36.7 Division

Hempstead Harbour Club – Heritage Cup Regatta
North River 2 – George Conk, single-handed! 2nd Place, Spirit of Tradition Division

Storm Trysail & Riverside YC Long Island Sound Championship:
Whirlwind – William Purdy and crew: 2nd Place, Beneteau First 36.7 Division

Third Annual Hamilton-Burr Regatta – Columbia v. Princeton:
J/105 Match Racing: Charlie Hurd (helm), Will Hubbard (tactician) & crew win 2 out of 3 for Columbia U.

CIYC 88th Annual Sayers Series Regatta:
Big Boat Division:
Fidelius – Carl Leighton: 1st Place
Cu Na Mara – Mike McNamara: 2nd Place
Sarip – Betsy Haggerty: 3rd Place

Race Division 1:
Chieftain – Bob Chuda: 1st Place
Wild Child – Brad Stone: 2nd Place
Excalibur – Charlie Hurd: 3rd Place

Race Division 2:
Watercolour – Francine Alheid: 1st Place
Rita – Arthur Sa: 2nd Place
First Rate – Ed Woolsey: 3rd Place

Cruise Division:
Restless – Roger Landau: 1st Place
Airplane – Andrew Blackman: 2nd Place
Nyala – Steven Bank: 3rd Place

Douglaston YC Captain Island Race:
Live Wire – James Lynch & Crew: 2nd Place, Div 1 Non-Spin
Rita – Arthur Sa & Crew: 1st Place, Div 2 Spin
Mustang Sally – James Dennis & Crew: 1st Place, Div 3 Spin
Chaika – Richard Coar & Crew: 2nd Place, Div 3 Spin
Chieftain – Robert Chuda & Crew: 3rd Place, Div 4 Spin

Stamford YC Vineyard Race:
Thin Man – Todd Aven & crew: 1st Place, PHRF 4, Seaflower Reef Course
Rita – Arthur Sa & crew: 3rd Place, PHRF 2, Cornfield Point Course

CIYC, HYC, MBYC 1st Annual Governor's Cup Charity Regatta:
PHRF Spin 1:
Quintessence – Roger Widmann & crew: 1st Place
Faith – Adam Loory & crew: 2nd Place
Andiamo – Paul Strauch & crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Spin 2:
Santana – Mdn. Ethan Neubelt & crew: 1st Place
Thin Man – Todd Aven & crew: 2nd Place
Breakaway – Richie Palmer & crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Spin 3:
Upsetter – Jason Viseltear & crew: 1st Place
Ripple – Michael Colucci & crew: 2nd Place
Excalibur – Charles Hurd & crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Non-Spin 1:
Sirius – Charles A. Taus & crew: 1st Place
Ibex – Dan Costin & crew: 2nd Place
Sea Castle – Sam Cassell & crew: 3rd Place PHRF Non-Spin 2:
Orion – Jimmie Underwood & crew: 1st Place
New Freedom – Mark Lasser & crew: 2nd Place
Impulse – Len Di Iorio & crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Non-Spin 3:
Julianna M – Steve Wade & crew: 1st Place
7th Chakra – Marc Rosenberg & crew: 2nd Place
Sea Dragon – Gregg Manorin & crew: 3rd Place

CIYC 35th Annual Women Skipper's Race:
PHRF Spinnaker Division:
Breakaway – Alex De Witt and crew: 1st Place
Chaika – Ellen Zalk and crew: 2nd Place
Wild Child – Peggy Kaplan and crew: 3rd Place

J/24 One-Design Division:
Trinity – Julie Androshick and crew: 1st Place
Jeepers – Janice Sheinberg and crew: 2nd Place
Trouble – Jenn Nizzo and crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Non-spinnaker Division:
New Freedom – Mark Lasser and crew: 1st Place
Shadowfox – Alex Helfand and crew: 2nd Place
Maccabee – Bob Berent and crew: 3rd Place

CIYC 62nd Annual Day Race:
PHRF Spin Division 1:
Six Brothers – Chris Kramer and crew: 1st Place
Breakaway – Richie Palmer and crew: 2nd Place
Santana – Ethan Neubelt and crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Spin Division 2:
Thin Man – Todd Aven and crew: 1st Place
Upsetter – Jason Viseltear and crew: 2nd Place
Chaika – Richard Coar and crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Spin Division 3:
Kinsale – Mike White and crew: 1st Place
Speedway Boogie – Chris Brady and crew: 2nd Place
Rita – Arthur Sa and crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Non-Spinnaker:
New Freedom – Mark Lasser and crew: 1st Place
Sirius – Charles A. Taus and crew: 2nd Place
Eagle – Ernie Bivona and crew: 3rd Place

YRALIS PHRF & One Design Championships:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 1st Place, Beneteau First 36.7 Division
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 3rd Place, PHRF 101-115 Division

Larchmont YC – Larchmont Race Week:
Chieftain – Robert Chuda & Crew – 2nd Place, PHRF Non-Spinnaker

STC Block Island Race Week:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 1st Place, PHRF Division 2

Riverside YC Stratford Shoal Race:
Thin Man – Todd Aven/Alex Nadolishny: 1st Place, PHRF Doublehanded Division

City Island YC Distance Race:
PHRF Spin 1:
Prevail – Pritz/Vitaglione/Swack & Crew: 1st Place
Breakaway – Richie Palmer & Crew: 2nd Place
Magic – Kenneth Laudon & Crew: 3rd Place

PHRF Spin 2:
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 1st Place
Eagle – Ernie Bivona & Crew: 2nd Place

EBYRA City Island Cup:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 1st Place, Division 1 PHRF – Spinnaker
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 3rd Place, Division 1 PHRF – Spinnaker
Eagle – Ernie Bivona & Crew: 2nd Place, Division 3 PHRF – Non-spinnaker

Winner of the City Island Cup for 2015 – Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew
Winner of the EBYRA Yacht Club Team Challenge – City Island YC

Cedar Point One Design Regatta:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 2nd Place, Beneteau First 36.7 Division

Port Washington YC Day Race:
Eagle – Ernie Bivona & Crew: 1st Place, PHRF 2

Larchmont YC Edlu Distance Race:
Thin Man – Todd Aven & Crew: 2nd Place PHRF Double-handed Division

American YC Spring Series Regatta:
Whirlwind – William Purdy & Crew: 2nd Place PHRF Division 1

NYAC Stratford Shoal Race:
Chieftain &150; Robert Chuda & Crew: 3rd Place, PHRF Non-spinnaker
•  2014 Race Results:
Now on our Regatta Page.

 12/5: EBYRA Awards Brunch
 12/5: Holiday Dinner Party - Cancelled
 12/6: Presentation on Yacht and Ship Building on City Island
 12/6: Children's Holiday Party - Cancelled

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